Messaging for engagement & Fundraising

A new messaging platform that enables organizations to speak directly with thousands of supporters in real-time.

Every mobile phone has SMS functionality, and with 98% of SMS texts being opened within hours, if not minutes, direct dialogue channels are the most powerful way to drive engagement and conversion. But it’s not practical to meet with all your supporters face-to-face, or by phone (only 30-40% of people answer) leaving Peer-to-Peer (P2P) a unique and under-utilised opportunity to increase reach, engagement and conversion. P2P texting has successfully shown to maximise participation in event sign-up, activism, mobilisation, engagement and fundraising.

New feature: Partnership with

Stratcom has now partnered with to bring our clients a complete messaging experience. Create, automate and personalize Text messaging and Facebook Messenger conversations that deepen relationships, collect data and lead to actions and donations. also:

  • Seamlessly transitions conversations between text broadcasts and Peer-to-Peer texting
  • Includes ‘Instant Apps’: microsites that are easily built and deployed within text conversations
  • Create automated reply messages based on keywords
  • CMS integration with NationBuilder, Salesforce and more
  • Google Maps integration for map-based targeted and segmentation
  • Robust, real-time analytics

Stratcom is the exclusive reseller of in the UK.

How Activate Works

Step 1


Text messaging: List of SMS opted-in mobile numbers or direct response by SMS activity

FB Messenger: Pull supporter into Messenger conversation via FB activity

Step 2

Script Development

(Based on Peer-to-Peer best practices)

Step 3

Program Timing, Set-up, Agent Briefing

Step 4

First Text Sent

(Automated Broadcast)

Step 5

Agents Manage Replies & Steward Supporters for Engagement / Fundraising

Text-back management (1-2 day follow-up)

Activate in action


  • Increase event participation by confirming attendance leading up to the event and setting reminders for attendees.
  • Improve event sponsorship levels by coaching and stewarding sign-ups.
  • Drive call to action by targeting specific actionable tasks to join the movement and show their support.
  • Get out the vote and send reminders and important details for people to register to vote.


  • Regular and one-off PSMS payments
  • Mobile optimised forms for credit cards and Direct Debit
  • One-click card payments

Rapid Response

  • Campaigns can be deployed quickly to reach tens of thousands of supporters within minutes.
  • ‘On-the-shelf’ templated campaigns ready to be deployed at any time.
  • Ideal for:
    • Emergency, disaster relief fundraising.
    • Reactive campaigns in response to breaking news and social media movements.


  • At a lower cost than other Direct Dialogue channels, Activate is an efficient platform to reach your supporters on a personable and scalable level.
  • Creative development and data work is minimal comparatively to other Direct Dialogue channels.
  • Unparalleled reach to your supporters.
  • Unobtrusive technology maximising open rates at your supporters’ convenience.

Activate has been a valuable tool in our campaign. We reached thousands of supporters within minutes and had an expert team at the ready to engage in conversation and drive action. We used Activate to recruit volunteers, get people out to events and raise significant funds. Brexit is a complex issue, and the landscape is changing daily, hourly even, which makes this fast response, mass reach and personalised communication channel a vital tool in our tool box.

- Patrick Heneghan from People’s Vote.