From the strategy to implementation of engagement techniques


We have developed a comprehensive and proven engagement methodology, anchored with research to ensure firstly that we better understand the target audiences and stakeholders. From the research we identify target audiences and goals, and framing for each audience, allowing us to develop a communications plan and determine engagement tools and strategy.


Telephone Town Halls [TTH] are a great example of one of our unique engagement tools. TTHs are a cross between an extremely large conference call and your own private talk radio show. TTH allows you to quickly engage thousands of supporters in genuine conversation, making it ideal for communications, donor relations and fundraising. For less than the cost of a direct mail campaign, you can achieve the reach of a TV ad, the energy of a radio show and the intimacy of speaking directly with a supporter.

Mobile Engagement Tools

We're big fans at Stratcom of engaging with supporters through SMS. We're a fan because it works: 98% of SMS are delivered & read within minutes! Stratcom have tools that can help you:

Send broadcast messaging

Manage one-to-one text conversations

Integrate voice messaging, video, image and weblinks into your SMS messaging

SMS response lead gen campaigns