Solid opinion research is a sophisticated tool that will sharpen your strategy and your communications efforts. We can help you navigate this demanding field and get results.

We can:

Test the assumptions underlying your campaigns or fundraising strategy

Understand prevailing public opinion

Hone themes and messages that work for your target audience

Find out what factors move the public, or bring your supporters solidly behind your program

Uncover your supporters' motivations and what they care about most

Understand the real dynamics of donor support

Improve the specific communications tools you are using to reach your target audiences

For fundraising organsations, we do this by combining our experience as fundraisers and sophisticated research methodology.

We also provide opinion research products for strategy and messaging for advocacy campaigns, political campaigns, and membership engagements.

By understanding your opinion or market research challenge we will help you match ideal research technique from a range of online, phone and face-to-face tools including:

Polling (online, live caller and automated phone polling)

Focus groups (live and online)

Key informant interviews & Focus groups

'Telephone Town Halls' for research purposes

Social media analysis using scientific sampling techniques

Geographic Information System analysis

Literature reviews and contextual analysis